1958: Dancing With Fear

The story takes us back to 1958 (as you might guess from the title) and the balmy Caribbean. We're a dancer, and somehow we've gotten involved in some cloak-and-dagger shenanigans on the eve of a revolution. The setting is a grand party, and really were just supposed to be a distraction while our companion extracts something from the host's safe. But things do not, of course, go according to plan.

I really liked this. I liked the flavour of 1950s Latin America and the Bohemian world of chorus girls sorting through their admirers and patrons. At the same time, it's a spy drama, with high stakes in the background, and our heroine's only weapons in this milieu are ... music and (the prospect of) sex. Some of the story is told in flashback, establishing our heroine's relationship with various figures and factions, and these are also interesting as insights into our heroine's life as a girl just trying to make her way out of poverty via the dance floor.

The story is not without its bugs, however. There are conversations repeated that shouldn't be repeated, especially in different contexts (try showing the invitation to Lucho after the guests have all left) and there are a few places where, I suspect, knitting different passages together has resulted in a few odd lines, spaces, or misplaced quote marks. None of this is game-breaking or deal-breaking, in my opinion. Faults in the plating can be forgiven when the dish itself is sufficiently tasty.

The interactivity is pretty good. There's some slight puzzling involved, but mostly it's pretty intuitive and well-integrated. We're able, in one flashback, to choose between two suitors, but this choice doesn't seem to have an effect on how the story plays out. I'd have liked to have seen this have ramifications further down the line, especially as one of those suitors is now one of our antagonists at the party.

For breakfast, I'm thinking huevos rancheros, a side of mixed fruit, and cafe con leche. Served in bed at nearly noon because we've been up dancing all night and didn't get back in before three in the morning.