The crow is a harbinger of death and misfortune, and in this case, we're a crow on the run from death and misfortune. Being a basically decent crow, we want to warn people about the approaching danger, but this generally doesn't work too well.

The whole thing is really more of a short story with a few moving parts in the middle: there's a specific road from start to finish, and we can't really deviate too much from it. I don't think the branches, when they happen, really extend far enough to qualify as separate branches of the story.

What I did find interesting, though, is the way in which people react to us depending on our approach. Hostility, it appears, mainly happens when we cut straight to the warning: suspicions confirmed, people blame us for the bad news. Taking some time with our listeners first generally results a much friendlier reception ... though we still fail, this time because people don't take us seriously. But this story isn't about that aspect of human nature, and I guess it doesn't really contribute to whether the story is satisfying or not. It's just an interesting thing to point out.

There's not much else to say, really. It was a decent story. There were a few typos, but not an excessive number. There were one or two modern turns of phrases (the word "gotta", for instance) that felt a bit out of place, but nothing too terrible. There's some interesting characterisation and story arc happening for the main character, and I liked how that worked. The ending felt ... well, it struck me as a bit gratuitous, at least with regard to our hero's survival, but your mileage may vary.

SPOILER: to clarify, the story ends with our hero flying into the danger, which should kill him; but instead he turns into a firebird. There didn't seem to be enough hinting earlier on that this was how magic worked, or that our hero was on such a path. Perhaps this was what our hero's former master, the wizard, was aiming for, but we've no indication of it.

As a breakfast, it might be brown bread with bacon, garnished with lettuce and tomatoes. Flavourful, sure, but put it all together and it's a BLT sandwich ... which could be breakfast, but usually it's lunch. Chamomile tea to calm you down at the finish. Maybe that's not the beverage you were expecting (it's also better suited to evenings than to mornings) but it's tasty all the same.