The Cube in the Cavern

This is a cute little puzzler overlaid with an amusing backstory in which all the questionable pseudo-science in the world is accepted reality. There are only four elements, healing is done with crystals, the world is flat, and so on.... Not exactly necessary to the game, but it made for some entertaining writing. There's some very effective use of ALL-CAPS in this, creating character and voice for what is, at its heart, an almost purely abstract puzzle.

Solving the thing was pretty satisfying: it was just enough of a puzzle to fire up the sense of achievement once it was done. The narrative voice kept things entertaining. The story never really got "serious" in the sense that I don't think there was ever any real attempt to get the player to take the story as anything but a pretext to solve a puzzle, which I think was a wise move. The lightness of the story aspect, coupled with the pseudo-science theme, helped to make the rules of the puzzle much easier to swallow.

Breakfast? Lucky Charms, of course, and a Saturday morning cartoon. They're not actually two integral parts of a whole, but they work so well together. Also hot chocolate and marshmallows--what is with the marshmallows this morning?--to follow.