Deshaun Steven's Ship Log

Shades of Adrian Mole here: the story is told in the form of diary entries, and our hero is an everyday loser, a sound/lighting technician on an interplanetary cruise ship, with a resolution this year to find a new job and a new girlfriend. We've got interplanetary travel and we've got first contact with an alien race ... and through it all, our concerns remain thoroughly mundane, though not with Adrian Mole levels of obliviousness. But I think this is realistic. After all, no matter what happens (short of Armageddon), life goes on.

Format of story complemented by language: truncated sentences, bullet-point grammar, like taking notes to self. Quite endearing. Amusing turns of phrases, eg: "abs of semi-firm tofu". Description of drummer as "unfairly muscular" conveys hero's attitude beautifully.

Interesting how meaning of story choices change depending on previous choices. Actual actions may be same, but motives differ, results also. In spite of apparently narrow path from start to finish, allows for variation and several ways story may end. Enjoyed tweaking choices for result variations.

Might be nice: more distinction between the different endings. Delivery of ending consistent with main body of work, but four-part checklist comparison with resolutions seems perfunctory.

Games played: 50
Breakfast: two soft-boiled eggs, toast soldiers, newspaper to read while eating, English Breakfast tea. Maybe a rasher of bacon or two, but focus is on yesterday's football scores.