The Dragon Will Tell You Your Future Now

This is one of three things:

  • An extraordinarily obscure puzzle in which only a very specific sequence of actions will do;
  • A troll entry designed to see how long a player will smash his head against a brick wall;
  • Or a very clever metaphor for the futility of the human condition.
  • To describe the situation: we're in a darkened waiting room with an owl receptionist and an exceedingly ugly lamp, and we have to proceed to the next room for our appointment with the dragon, who, if the title is to be believed, will tell us our future. Except the doors won't budge.

    The rest of the hyperlink adventure is spent trying to get past the door and failing ... unless there's a clever sequence that works, though I haven't found it. I've clicked everything I could, and still no success. There's some humour (okay, quite a bit of humour) in the desperation arising from the situation, and a sort of reset that happens when things go too much over the top, but no progress, no ending.

    I suppose the humour is enough for some people. But I like to make progress ... or at least reach a definite ending. If I weren't so amused, I might get mildly annoyed.

    Or I could sit and consider that maybe the dragon is a metaphor for God, that our appointment is a metaphor for salvation, and that the door is that which holds us back. Only the dragon has the power to open the doors for us, and it's seen that he can hear us through the crack in the door, but our reliance on technology (in a meta moment, the game itself) offers us no option to ask for his help. In short, the only way to meet our appointment is, in fact, to quit the game and step away from our computers.


    Breakfast is a creamy mochaccino and ... ah ... I thought we ordered something else, but it isn't here yet. Maybe we should wait. Service can be a little slow at Godot's Diner.