Haunted P

Oookay, then....

We are, apparently, a Dilbert knockoff. Or this other character, "Bilbert", is. It's not clear which. Bilbert's in pain, and we have to enter him to eliminate the threat from somewhere beyond his kidneys.

And that's about it. The rooms are undescribed, with pretty much everything happening in the narration instead. Kind of the opposite problem from the classic "narration in the description" error. There is no real plot, and neither story nor puzzle. No endgame, either: once we're done, we just sit there in the starting room with nothing further to do but quit.

At least there aren't any bugs ... though that makes me suspicious. Surely the author is capable of much better?

If this were breakfast, it would be a slice of white bread. No spreads, no drink, nothing: it's edible, but you'd need to demonstrate a bit more ambition if you want to take this further.