Hexteria Skaxis Qiameth

This one's a short story in which we get to change the names and aspects of a mysterious language and region that has come to the narrator's attention. There's quite a bit of cleverness in the way the name change is handled: we cycle through some available consonant and vowel sounds to form a name, and the game uses this to partially or wholly generate other related names. The choice of the key aspect of that language is a little more basic: we choose whether this new language focuses on names, actions, or qualities (nouns, verbs, or adjectives, in other words) and the narrator's friend discovers an alternate language focussing on one of the aspects we did not choose.

The story is not completely puzzleless, though. There is one little hurdle near the end, a fairly simple matter of choosing the right consonant and vowel sounds to express a given idea. Only the right ones will do, and the clues are readily available. But then ... nothing happens.

And that seems to be the main issue. Going for the bigger picture, this is quite an interesting story, with its own peculiar flavour. I kind of feel like this is going to become the beginning of a Lord Dunsany story, or possibly even a Lovecraft story if things go terribly wrong, but we don't get that far. The ramifications of our choices ... well, there aren't any. It's like we just made breakfast but never got to eat it ... or like we just figured out how to make the perfect poached egg ... and we're having toast. The hot cocoa is good, though: just the thing for curling up beside the fire on a cold February morning while ancient gods howl through the cathedral spires outside.