This is a surprisingly short one, which is unfortunate given its potential. The story is that we're an evil genius, and that we've created a device that can scry the future. With this, we can conquer the world and "show them, show them all". But the game only concerns itself with the first prophecy, that ten minutes into the future we will be killed by an intruder.

It's a pretty simple puzzle, really, and discussing it in any way will simply spoil it, spoil it all.

So, anyway. The voice gets the evil genius (currently a loser in a crappy one-room apartment, but that will change, oh yes) across pretty well in the opening, but it kind of dissipates into nothing when the actual climax of the intruder arrives. I really feel as though the author started up on this brilliant idea and then lost all their steam in the middle of the introduction. There are just so many wonderful ways this story could go from here.

It's like a breakfast where the toast is perfectly browned and buttered, but the eggs are kind of meh and the coffee is not much more than cold water and colouring: a promising start that peters out far too quickly.