Moon Base

"Moon Base" is a pretty simple CYOA told in the third person. The main character, Maria, has been sent to investigate a lack of communication from the eponymous moon base. This is not our moon, incidentally, but one of the moons of an alien planet: the setting is pretty far-future, and it's uncertain as to whether Maria herself hails from an Earth culture grown unrecognisable over the centuries, or from somewhere else.

There's a pretty high text-to-choice ratio, though. Our opening gives us two links that provide additional background, and I think that's the last of the background-type links. Everything else is either a "next page" link or a "choice of action" link. There's not a lot of the latter, as mentioned: only two, each with one "good" choice and one "you die now" choice. One expects more from IF, I think.

The action sequences were pretty good, though, at least in my opinion. It would have been nice to play them out (swing high, swing low, resort to lasers, or...?) rather than simply read about them. We do see one instance where two choices circle back onto the same scene, with one having different implications on how the scene ends. That's the sort of thing I like to see in CYOA, and I think there could have been a lot more opportunity for it.

The death message, referring to Maria as "this fine young woman", feels like it has a bit of humour and personality that I'd like to have seen in the story itself.

Breakfast: organic, crunchy peanut butter on white bread, with Tang to drink. It has a couple of moments, but it doesn't seem especially memorable.