Land of the Mountain King

In this simple RPG simulation, we're a viking hero tasked with defeating the eponymous Mountain King, who lives in a castle on the other side of a ravine. But we've been transported here without our weapons (thanks to magical limitations) so we've got to go and kill us some monsters first to equip ourselves.

It's pretty light. There's no levelling up, per se, though each defeated opponent nets us something to aid us in our quest, be it a weapon, a better weapon, or improved defences in the form of extra hit points. And that's pretty much it, really. Kill a few monsters, face the mountain king, win. We're not given any form of reaction to the thing that put us in this situation to begin with; as such, there really isn't much of a story at all. The writing barely makes any effort to hold the thing together.

It really feels like the skeletal beginnings of something bigger. A sketch, if you will; something pencilled in with neither shading nor colour. The coding is competent, at least, and I found no bugs. It's entertaining enough if you like the whole "kill monsters, get their loot" thing, but if you're looking for any story deeper than an unabashed excuse to go do that, you're out of luck.

I call it bread and butter with a mug of warm milk. It does a competent job of breakfast, but it doesn't exactly excite the taste buds.