My Night

Classic slasher horror, apparently translated from Spanish. We've been messing around with a Ouija board and now the lights have gone out, which of course means that bad things are going to happen and only the good girl will survive. The parser is a homebrew, and the presentation seems pretty neat.

But I lost confidence in this very quickly. Here I am, in the dark, with the silhouettes of my friends, but "examine me", "x me", and "look at me" all yield the same "I do not understand" result; same thing goes with substituting "carla", our heroine's name, for "me". Okay, so maybe the player character isn't an examinable object. What about our friends? Nope, I can't examine "friends" ... I'm beginning to think the game doesn't understand "examine", but picking out one of the names from the prologue finally works. Huh. It would have helped if the "I do not understand" message could tell us which part of the command was not understood, or how. And even then ... some of the objects are very finicky about how you refer to them. There is, for instance, a photograph which is listed in the room description as "photograph" but which must be referred to as "photo" rather than "photograph".

Other bugs abound. At one point, I find my sister boinking my crush, but examining them individually gives me a description of their corpses (apparently dead by my hand) while the game clearly understands them as being still alive. Despite the allowance for multiple endings, the implementation still feels very narrow: there seems to be very little allowance for actions that don't lead to one or another of the game's endings.

The author does seem to have some ideas on how this story is supposed to work. I appreciate that it isn't just a case of wandering the halls and finding bodies: some interaction with the characters still happens, even if it's in the form of cutscenes. I would have liked to have seen more of that sort of thing. But unfortunately, the bugs got in the way.

It's a Spanish omelette, of course, with tomato juice to drink. Only ... there's not all that much egg in this omelette, is there? Almost more like a hash than an omelette, spread very thin and prone to falling apart.