Sadly, this is not a game about which might be the oldest artifact of all antiquity. It's random silliness ... a non-quest.

We begin in our cabin on board a spaceship, and we're wearing a hospital gown. There's not much in the way of description. There isn't much explanation as to how or why we're here, though if we accept the game's subtitle of "cold amnesia", perhaps that's justified. There's no indication as to what we want to do or where we want to go ... not that it matters. For the most part, we can try going in any direction at all, not just the ones indicated (and sometimes, nothing is indicated) and more often than not, we'll just wind up in some random room.

There are several random endings. They're kind of funny, I guess, but I also find that I don't particularly care about them, seeing as how so much of the game feels like just randomly bumbling about. Well, it's not completely random, but it certainly feels that way. I kind of get the sense that the author decided not to care after the first beta-tester tried to do something stupid. "There's no exit that way! You can't ... oh fine, you want to, you got it. The End!"

So ... I don't know what else there is to say, except: Breakfast is half a bowl of dry Froot Loops. No milk. Nothing to drink. It's a spark of sweet, but I seriously doubt the nutritional value. Also, all the loops taste the same.