Rage Quest: Disciple of Peace

I think we've reached a point where anything titled "Something Quest" is assumed to be a parody or joke game. This isn't one of those; at least, it isn't silly at all. We're an orc, and we're drawn on all the fantasy lore about orcs ... but we're also a disciple of an orcish monastery whose teachings revolve around disciplining the natural orcish rage. The game tracks both our discipline and our rage, using these scores to determine our success or failure at various turns of the story when we have a choice of actions. It's a lot like the Choice of Games games in that respect.

The story begins with us nearly dying after an attack on the monastery. But no, thanks to mysterious, supernatural shenanigans, we're the sole survivor. The rest of the game is about trying to find our place in the world; perhaps we want to follow the path of rage, or perhaps we want to follow the path of discipline ... or perhaps we want something in between or something requiring strength in both directions. Whatever we choose, we're going to have to deal with the circumstances surrounding the attack.

The story is short enough that one could make multiple playthroughs in pretty short order. You'll probably want to do that, since I think a great part of the fun here is in managing our two major traits and discovering every aspect of the story: Why was our monastery attacked? Why were we chosen to survive? Is there a better ending than the one we just found? There are three different branches to explore, and we can explore as many as we like, and in any order we like; and it's pretty cool to see how things learnt in one branch can have ramifications in another.

As a breakfast, I think this is something short but meaty. Leftover roast turkey, I think, in a breakfast sandwich with egg and an English muffin, with coffee to follow. Sure, it's something from yesterday's dinner, but it's also roast turkey, and roast turkey is delicious.