I've said elsewhere that I hate real-time components in IF. I also hate timing/coordination games because I have NO sense of rhythm. If you give me a thing where I have to tap a key every few seconds, you had better be giving me some interesting side dishes to go with it.

There's some interesting stuff happening in the background, it looks like: ways to deal with the precise moment when players slip up on the central "hit space before this bar disappears" mechanic. I think that's where narrative branches happen. For the most part, it feels like we're meant to put this key-tapping thing in the background as we watch the text play by. And the timing of the key-taps speeds up, meaning it's also about how long you can keep up with the game.

That's interesting in theory, but kind of boring in practice. It feels like I'm essentially being held prisoner in my chair, hitting a key not to progress a story but to keep a story's progress from terminating. It's like being the guy charged with watching out for trouble while everyone else does all the interesting stuff.

Also, the "story" seems to be more about poetic environmental reaction and/or navel-gazing than anything else. So no, no really interesting side dishes ... nothing, really, to keep me going.

Breakfast is a pot of green tea. I know it's supposed to mean something, and it's got a unique flavour, but I'm finding it difficult to get my teeth into it.