The Wizard Sniffer

We are the eponymous "wizard sniffer": a pig gifted with the ability to sniff out evil wizards. Or so our current owner, a knight on a quest to rescue a princess, was told. In fact, we have no such supernatural ability. Also, we just escaped from that very same evil fortress the knight is intent on storming. And things just ramp on up from there. Some of the comedic scenes are quite deliciously orchestrated.

This was a lot of fun. The "knight rescuing the princess" thing has been done many times before, both straight and in parody, and this definitely falls into the parody side of things. But it's done very well. We do get some character development where it counts, which is more than one expects from ordinary joke-type parodies and satires. It makes for a more satisfying denouement.

There's some pretty complex gating going on as well. As a pig, we depend on our human (and occasionally non-human) companions to do most things for us, and what happens at various points depends on which person we have by our side. It seems that it should be theoretically possible to completely mess things up by taking people around in the wrong order, but that never happened in my playthrough. It's possible that I just so happened to do things in exactly the order the author intended (excuse me while I break into hysterical laughter) but somehow I doubt it. This thing is pretty darn polished.

As a breakfast, I think it's like a turkey bacon Benedict: carefully constructed, with a Hollandaise sauce that slowly soaks in the English muffin to make every bite tastier than the last. Also, no pigs were harmed in the process; turkeys, however.... Pair it with an Irish coffee for a sweet undercurrent of subversiveness.