Yer a wizard, Polly.

Okay, that line never actually appears here, I don't think, but it feels like it should. It looks like we're an orphan, living on the streets with our older sister. Then one day, while our sister isn't around, we're approached by a wizard who sends us off to a magical land of talking rose bushes and other such whimsy. One might guess from the title that this is something of a joke game, but it isn't: it takes itself pretty seriously as legitimate Young Adult fiction.

The voice comes through very well. The story is told from the perspective of a very young child, and it seems quite believable and consistent throughout. The main character's personality also shines through, informing us as to who she is without having to resort to self-assessment. Perhaps the conclusion seems a bit saccharine to my adult sensibilities, but if this is meant for Young Adults, then it's totally appropriate.

The choice-to-text ratio is really low, though. With the possible exception of the final choices, it seems as though most choices just lead to one or two alternate pages, which do not affect the ending or how it plays out.

As a breakfast, it's served late enough to make me question if it's breakfast at all. But it's sweet, I'll give it that. Pancakes drenched in honey. It's the same thing throughout, but I know the kids will love it. Pair it with artifically sweetened hot chocolate.