Beta Tester

This was looking so promising: interesting creative device set-up puzzle, to start with. There's a bug where trying to put the key into the slot of the treadmill causes the game to assume that the tube is already in place and to make the gold rod appear in the slot. This was a bit confusing, and caused me to lose faith in the game.

Later on, I found myself rather lost, with no idea what it was that I needed to do or where I had to go. Implementation seemed shallow, so that it seemed that I had no way of discovering how to move forward, and this was frustrating. If I'm meant to be exploring the environment, then there should more to explore and to poke at: I'm not saying that puzzles should be easy (though perhaps that would be nice) but that there should be a very high response-to-action ratio. As it was, I could see very little reason to keep going.

The writing was funny, at least.

As a breakfast, this would be oatmeal, with a bit too much honey, and half a grapefruit. Nothing to drink, unfortunately.