Broken Legs

This was quite brilliantly written, with sharply defined, believable (unfortunately!) characters. There are a few minor points, though mostly related to the couch and surrounding the puzzle of how to deal with Alexandra: the couch is implemented such that its contents are never revealed except by trying to get everything from the couch. As well, it is often assumed that I have seen Kassie filching things when in fact I haven't. There's not enough time between Kassie's audition (when she presumably begins with the kleptomania) and Alexandra's for me to catch on to this fact and capitalise on it -- though admittedly I suppose the one anecdote that Kassie does mention hints at the solution.

I did feel bad about taking Seraphina down, as she really seemed like a good person, someone who deserved to win an admission; likewise, with Mary, whom I was hoping would wind up sidestepping whatever evil fate our protagonist would cook up and find herself blinking in surprise at the top of the heap.

Then the twist at the end of the game came, and, despite the backstabbery and the revelation and all, I had to smile. Possibly I was just relieved, though in retrospect I really shouldn't be.

As a breakfast, this would be a Eggs Benedict, heavy on the ham, with half a grapefruit (very tart), clotted cream and a mochaccino. It might leave you feeling bloated for the rest of the day, but oh how very tasty.