Yon Astounding Castle! of some sort

The language of the game was interesting and amusing, at first, but after a while it began to be a little tiresome to read. I suspect that the object of the game is to defeat the Macguffin that has somehow magically caused the language of the world to turn pseudo-mediaeval, but I never really got that far. Truth is, the sprawl of the map undid me. I think I was wandering through a dungeon of some sort when my eyes started to glaze over.

The series of -akery rooms was amusing, though.

Another aspect of the language was the way in which the game would frequently append a qualifier -- "of some sort", "or something" and so on -- which I did not feel added anything to the game experience. If anything, it was distracting. A little of that in the beginning, that might perhaps have been sufficient, but it was too much. It gave the impression of being rather too self-deprecating, too lacking in self-respect.

As a breakfast, this would be crusty bread (slightly stale) and cheese, with a glass of milk. No wait, that's yoghurt.