The Duel That Spanned the Ages

The introduction was quite a bit of text, but it was interestingly written. I saw straight off that the crazily adaptable demigod of the introduction was the future of the space marine in the main story, and that this change in him would have something to do with the fruit that the bartender is so very anxious to have him consume.

I did find it odd that he, as a Lieutenant, would seem to be taking orders from a Sergeant.

The constantly attacking spiders of the latter half of the game amounted to basically a hunger puzzle, but it worked. There were points where I had to remove my space armour, and I was always afraid that the spiders would choose that unfortunate moment to attack. As well, they provided a very natural reason for the necessity of the machine gun puzzle. Furthermore, as I only had a limited amount of ammunition, it was clear that I only had a limited amount of time before I would run out and become unable to fight them off. Normally, these time limit deals can be quite off-putting, but what saved the situation here was that it was always clear to me what I was supposed to do, and that took off a lot of the stress of the time limit.

There was also the issue of how I should still be able to move around so freely despite the leg injuries I sustained jumping onto the bridge. While I realise that the splinting properties of the armour were meant to overcome this difficulty, there should perhaps be greater penalties for attempting to move around without the armour on. I'm guessing that the situation with the broken legs is meant to be an obstacle to jumping across the elevator shaft (I went and solved the surgery puzzle before I even considered the elevator shaft) but there should be other ramifications.

As a breakfast, this is steak and eggs, with Tang. It is probable that the steak and eggs came out of an MRE bag.