Earl Grey

The central conceit was interesting and very much fun, and I thought the protagonist's commentary did a lot to add to our understanding of her character. (Somehow I imagine the protagonist here as female, though I don't think it is ever explicitly stated.) However, the story itself requires a little work: first of all, I felt extremely uncomfortable performing the action that precipitated Eaves's summoning of Earl Gry -- it was malicious and uncalled for, and the PC never seems to consider that maybe she'd made a mistake. In fact, later on she seems to suggest that the blame lay entirely on Eaves, never acknowledging her own part in the disaster. Secondly, the ending doesn't seem to really resolve anything. I have no idea what has happened or why, though I do get the impression that I may have been manipulated into the beginning of the quest. It is not entirely a satisfying ending.

I was rather hoping, in fact, for a game about a tea party, perhaps involving some sort of social manipulation of the guests; but the early twisting of the story into Something Else was amusingly done, and I quite enjoyed the result.

As a breakfast, this is scrambled eggs. With kippers and, of course, tea. Only not Earl Grey, but English Breakfast.