Gleaming the Verb

This was not much more than a series of word-game riddles. Everything you need seems to have been coded well, but as there seems to be nothing much that you do need, I wonder how much of a positive thing that is. There is a cube, and you have to figure out the verb that needs to be applied to it; that verb is determined from the text response to the last verb discovered -- the first verb being directly given to you in the opening text.

Problem is, on top of the lack of anything happening here, some of these verbs are not exactly ones that can be applied to a metal cube. At least one requires that the cube be a liquid, and that a bunch of chemistry equipment be available. Now, that would be an interesting development, if, after having determined what one has to do to the cube, one must then go out and not only find the equipment needed, but cause the cube to assume the necessary nature. That's an unrealised potential here, however.

As a breakfast, this would be a handful of dry branflakes.