The Hangover

The author has an interesting style of expression, I think, though I did not always care for the humour. In addition, he has yet to master his tools. Spelling errors and grammatical errors are strewn about the place like leaves in Autumn, only without the pretty colours. There were a number of "do this next" messages, which, rather than coming across as subtle hinting, came across as heavy-handed directives from above. Some of the exits were mislabelled. There were things that did not work as advertised. In the end, the plague of problems proved too much for me, and I had to quit.

I gather that there's actually a bit of a story in this game, and it's a shame that the implementation and writing issues should obscure it to the point of unplayability. The idea of waking up after a night of carousing, to find a strange woman on one's couch as well as a notice of one's change of name, is a situation loaded with possibilities, but the way the thing was put together rather discouraged exploration.

As a breakfast, this would be a Spanish omelette, burned, with bits of eggshell embedded in it.