I like pulp noir. I find it a little unrealistic that our hero here has made so much money as a PI, though: part of the standard noir PI's bag of tricks is supposedly that he's perpetually broke. True, our hero here is broke *now*, and must scrounge up funds by exploring his environment, but with the big house and the car, he's not in as much debt as he really should be. Likewise, what seems to be the best possible ending -- everyone alive and paired up, our hero now the newly-elected mayor -- seems unrealistic. This is noir through rose glasses, bizarre as it may sound.

Nevertheless, I had a good time. There is the supposed main plot, which is easy to follow but leaves us with 12 people dead (actually, I counted 11) and what I suppose must be the least "happy" of the winning endings. I appreciate the multiple winning endings: that was very much a bonus point in my book. It was nice being able to avoid the death of the hero's brother, which struck me as a Horrible Thing To Happen when I first encountered it. I also appreciate how various optional actions (the pairing up of people) affected the "best" ending.

That said, the game is not without its bugs. There are some issues with the implementation of the store, in which the verb "buy" only works with a few items -- the rest must be bought by typing in just their names with no verbs attached.

As a breakfast, this is a hardboiled egg (of course), toast, a choice of one out of three meats, and very black, very strong coffee, all from an exceptionally clean greasy spoon diner.