The initial quest bits seemed neutral enough, to me. I expected that it would turn out that our hero was living in a post-apocalyptic future in which the scientific knowledge of our modern era had been largely forgotten. So the calm with which our hero approached the fallen aeroplane, not to mention the fact that she even knew what it was, seemed rather odd.

One of the images running through the whole hypnotised-state sequence was that of a golden thread running through to a white object. Although the game never describes it, I am somehow convinced that this is in fact a reference to the hypnosis crystal -- possibly a white crystal hanging from a gold chain. Nothing is said about this image, and I suppose it must have been something that was cut from the game at some point. Seems a shame, though.

As a breakfast, this is apple pie and a glass of cold milk. Simple and nourishing, but possibly not what one would normally expect.