Star Hunter

There seems to be a lot to this game in terms of length, but it's all stretched very thinly over the bare-bones implementation, and the "fiction-writing" part seems to be non-existant. While objects are named in a way that makes it clear that our hero knows what they are, there is no description to tell the player what they are; as such, I found myself wandering about without a clue as to what I needed. It was like waking up with amnesia in an alien environment, with not a single health-care employee in sight.

So, I very much felt that this was all a pile of words. The sparse implementation discouraged me from poking around too much, and in the end, I felt myself disinclined to go on much longer.

I have no doubt that there is some solid design happening back there, but unless the writing is spruced up, beefed up, and, most importantly, actually written up, that game design there isn't going to see the light of day very much.

As a breakfast, this would be a very large pot of oatmeal. No honey, no salt, no sugar, no milk added; just oat flakes and water.