Trap Cave

The first time I tried to run this, I somehow wound up in what appeared to be an abstract puzzle involving three views of a pyramid with no accompanying text. I only later found out that I had to "load the game" without first poking around in the options and whatnot. But although the first bit of text I saw was in English, the next bit was in German, and I realised that the amount of German text -- the author did warn me that the game was not completely translated -- was rather more substantial than I had hoped. I didn't think I would be able to play this, given my nearly-nonexistant understanding of German, so I decided not to rate this.

With regard to the system itself, I think it's certainly a viable option for the creation of games. There have been games entered, in the past, written in a CYOA format, which were quite successful, and I suspect that this system offers rather greater manoeuvrability within the game world than your standard CYOA. However, that sort of format has generally been the exception rather than the rule: I don't know if it will find wide-spread popularity in the community.

As a breakfast, this would be pickled herring and a raw egg.