One Eye Open

Body horror and some rather sickening imagery, but there's a nicely complex story being told here. This is normally not my cup of tea, and yet, despite having spent the better part of my two hours racketing about with not much idea as to what I was meant to do, I found myself strangely compelled to keep on going. Indeed, as I discovered more and more about the people in the original project, I began to get more and more engaged in the story. The people in the present project, as well -- although Marnie Ephart is the only one that seems intended to mean anything to the player, at least one of the others -- Best -- was well-drawn enough to catch my interest; doubtless I'd have seen more, except that I only realised far too late in the game that I could >FOCUS my way into these psychic experiences of other people's deaths.

Speaking of which, it would have been nice if I'd known earlier that a sudden flash-image of something meant that somewhere in the room was the means to enter that image; but I'm not sure how such a thing could be clued without breaking from the flow. I also wish the notes were more sensibly ordered, or that there were an index allowing me to look up individual notes more easily.

Scrapple, grits and a very runny soft-boiled egg. Tomato juice. Coffee sweetened with aspartame, no cream. For some reason, I keep wanting more. I suspect crack in the scrapple.