The Warbler's Nest

A short fairy tale of the Irish variety; or so it seems. There's a lot of atmosphere going on here, but I find it odd that some of the important plot-expository texts are linked to specific actions rather than placed on a timer of some sort. By its nature, then, it is possible to obtain this text in any order, but fortunately the amount of information to be gained is small enough that there's no need to obtain it in any specific order to understand what is happening and why.

Oh, the atmosphere. I know without being told that this is Ireland. Well, I could be wrong, but I'd be surprised if I were. Perhaps it's because I have a copy of Yeats' Irish fairy stories sitting around, and this, with its very bizarre recipe for dealing with the Fair Folk, reminds me of the stories within.

There are three endings that I found; two are obvious, but neither are certain as to being the "correct" answer. Is the child a changeling or not? I the player was never quite free of doubt, for all the protagonist tries to convince herself that she is doing the right thing. The third ending, which I found entirely by accident, was somehow more satisfying for me, even though in this case no decision was made either way.

Oatcakes and farmer's sausage and apple juice. But IS it apple juice?