Cold Iron

I am not entirely sure what just happened, but I am utterly, utterly charmed. The rustic flavour of the (initial) protagonist comes through, colouring his world and all his interactions. He may be unnamed, but I could definitely sense him as a character.

And then came the character shift, and the world changes along with him. Are we still in the same forest, seen through other eyes? Perhaps. Where in time are we? For some reason, I imagine that our Reverend Pearson lives sometime in the 1860s.

The wandering in the forest was a nice touch, too. I've seen this trick used before, and it does give the feeling of wandering, lost, through an enchanted forest: it is not that the game wants you to go to these relevant locations, it is that the forest itself is contriving to bring you there. Darn them piskeys. In addition, I appreciate how the trick manages to create that sense of being lost, without also creating a huge, sprawling maze of twisty twilit glens, all alike.

In the end, I would say this is more of a mood piece than many which set out in earnest to be so. It's a contrasting of world views. It's ambiguity.

Strawberries and cream, brown toast and marmalade. Earl Grey tea.