The Life (and Deaths) of Doctor M

Slightly surreal exploration of the morality behind a man who pioneers a method of assisted suicide, or so it seems so far. I did not manage to finish it, but I was left feeling that I definitely should come back later to complete it, which is definitely a good sign.

The environment is well-implemented and the coding highly competent. This does wonders to encourage the player's confidence and improve the gaming experience. I see no real faults in that regard; the game is technically perfect.

The story is about determining the relative goodness or evil of the protagonist by the actions of his past life. Now, certain things are set in stone: our hero here is going to be "helping" some people kill themselves, after all -- or actually killing them himself, depending on the context and/or your point of view. I didn't experience enough of the game to know if, in the recreation of these events, there are any actions one can perform to somehow change, or put a different nuance of meaning on, the exact circumstances of each assisted suicide. As such, I cannot comment on this issue, which is unfortunate because it makes up a major part of the game's entire raison d'Ítre.

One thing that does strike me, though: what is it about angels being portrayed as these flighty, fruity fluffbunnies, in contrast to the significantly more forceful demons? Have people forgotten that Fortitude (ie, Strength and/or Courage) is one of the Cardinal Virtues?

We're looking at a hearty repast of steak and eggs, scrambled. There's a side of toast, and a side of oatmeal with honey, and there's a fruit salad also available. A large pot of hot chocolate stands ready.