The Myothian Falcon

I admit I got pretty excited when I saw this. Pulp noir! I love the romance of pulp noir -- the detective fiction of Hammett and Chandler and the rest of the Black Mask contributors -- and that got my hopes up. So here we have it ... pulp noir a millenium into the future. And of course, the client is an attractive young widow....

The problem here is this: noir stands or falls on the power of its diction, and I found the language a little lacklustre. It was as though the author knew of the tropes but did not know the turns of phrase necessary to convey the mood. The tone feels too neutral, too bland; our hero, Vic Gantry, does not come through as a distinct character in his own right. And without a distinctly characterised hero, the romance falls flat.

I will say, at least, that this was the best Quest game I've seen yet.

Oatmeal (no salt) and black decaf coffee.