Fan Interference

The baseball references are rather thick here. For someone who knows little to nothing about baseball, this can be rather intimidating. However, I would contend that it is not absolutely necessary to know anything about baseball to play here: a knowledge of the sport would certainly help in understanding and identifying the problems that must be solved, yes, but that sort of thing can still be discerned with some little effort on the part of the clueless player.

That said, I would say to the author of the baseball-based game the same thing I would say to someone looking to write a Biblical game: find yourself a beta-tester who knows nothing of the subject matter. Find yourself a baseball-atheist. He will be one of your most important resources in identifying those aspects of your game where things are not so clear as you might think.

Anyway, on to the game. After the prologue (quite cute), we have a rather promising start outside the stadium. Once we get inside, though, the descriptions seem to slip down a notch. There's a certain amount of sameness and sparseness of scenery that makes me wonder, a little, why we have quite this many rooms in the map. And I'm a little lost. I'm not sure what I need to do, even with the >HISTORY command telling me what problems need to be fixed. I get the sense that this is the sort of game that I would understand a lot better if I just let myself sail along to a losing ending first, to see for myself how those problems play out in the game world, but the game is significantly longer than would be practical. It would take a bit of time and commitment to replay this from beginning to end the two or three times I think I would have to, before I actually begin trying to play it in earnest.

For breakfast, I will have a BeaverTail with chocolate and icing sugar ... oh, is my Canadiana showing? Fried dough, then, with chocolate and icing sugar. A side of sausages, greasy but oh so tasty. And bitter black coffee.