Fog Convict

This appears to be somewhat lower in quality than "Blind", the author's other game. To start, we're immediately faced with a strident, urgent alarm and a need to do *something*, except that the obvious action -- leave the building, as instructed by fire drills everywhere -- seems to be an impossibility, for no reason. How did my neighbours get out, then? There are a lot of apparently pointless "corridor" rooms -- for segments of corridor, appropriately enough. I don't know if all of the dorm rooms are going to figure into the game eventually, but at the beginning here, the multitude of locked doors seems quite unnecessary; the fact that, by and large, they all look the same does not inspire confidence. I'm sure the author should be able to come up with a few tricks to shrink the map down and make it more efficient.

This is a pity. Comparing this to "Blind", the premise and promise of playing hide-and-seek in the fog with a dangerous criminal seems more attractive (in IF, not in real life. Never in real life.) even if the story structure seems less compelling. I guess the issue here is that the game needs more work in the design department.

Undercooked hash browns and sausages, and a cup of that dark, cold coffee that's been etching the glass in the Bunn-o-matic in the dorm lounge since Friday. Water it down a little and nuke it in the microwave, that should take some of the edge off.