I enjoyed this one, short though it was. The coding and writing were very smooth, barely ever stumbling, and the characters were well-defined. Full marks for implementation.

More than anything, I appreciate the multiple paths and some of the ways in which one's behaviour earlier can affect the outcome later. The "gained a friend" endings were particularly pleasant. One of the reasons for the relatively small size of the game, I think, is the sheer breadth of what can be done -- like a bush, the game spreads sideways rather than upwards towards a single destination. The game map is, therefore, similarly compact; but although I appreciate efficiency in mapping, I wonder if perhaps it was a little too small for a hide-and-seek variant.

Story-wise, it may seem a little slight. But there seems to be something going on, just a little beyond the ken of our heroine. This is a game that rewards replaying and poking and prodding. Of course it could have been bigger and more byzantine and involved, but why be greedy?

A small helping of Eggs Benedict: English muffin, black forest ham, poached egg and Hollandaise, served with a small cup of Orange Pekoe tea.