It's a Roguelike. Which can be fun, but it seems to me that if I were going to play a roguelike, I'd just fire up Rogue and play that. On the other hand, the IF medium allows for some more interesting characterisations. I'm trying to remember what "The Amulet of Yendor" looked like -- it's been a very long while -- because, as I recall, it was also in a format similar to the standard IF "text-and-parser". I don't recall "Yendor" being written with very much idea of anything beyond the minimally utilitarian, though. Things are perhaps a little deeper here, with scenery and objects that you can examine. The idea, I suppose, is to meld the two forms, perhaps eventually evolving a proper randomised IF.

That said, it's actually quite fun. Rogue was never entirely serious to begin with, and this interpretation allows for some rather amusing opponents. In fact, I don't know if classic Rogue allows for the sort of variation we get with the opponents here. Some of them are weaker against different strategies, and each has a different "special attack" which one gains for oneself on victory. On the other hand, one does not keep all the special powers one gains through battle: powers from higher-level opponents knock out all lower powers, so there may be a certain amount of strategy, as well, in the choosing of which opponents to face first. Also, I sense that some of these powers can be either more or less effective against different opponents, but I haven't really experimented.

The lack of save/restore is unfortunate, though I suppose it is true to the nature of the beast. There is a work-around, though, but it's a bit of a pain.

Now, this is Victor Gijsbers we're talking about here. He's pretty much made a name for himself as the "gaming philosopher", and with "deep-thinking" games like "The Baron". One wonders if there might not be some deeper meaning involved here....

Nasi Lemak (coconut rice, a slice of cucumber, a bit of an omelette, sweet and spicy chili sambal, maybe some groundnuts, and either anchovies or a small grilled fish. Surprisingly tasty.) Strong tea with condensed milk.