Operation Extraction

The story itself is nothing much, but the gameplay is interesting. You do not play as any specific character, but have the freedom to wander invisibly over the whole map. You have three agents whom you wish to see succeed at a mission: each wanders around, occasionally reaching decision points where you may choose one or another action for them. You may move backwards and forwards along the timeline to tweak decisions. You might say that the timeline as presented is like a maze of pipes, with various switches and valves that you must open or close to direct the water, or the action as it were, to the desired end.

That was certainly different, and I can see this system being used to great effect. With a greater number of decision points scattered along various alternate timelines, this could make for some highly impressive storytelling.

I did find at least two different pathways to victory, one causing a little less collateral damage than the other and there presumably superior to the other. The fact that this is possible is in itself a credit to the game.

With regard to the writing and the story itself, however, it is, as I mentioned before, nothing much. It is a vehicle for the demonstration of the game mechanic, no more.

A choice of energy bars and a mug of black coffee.