Professor Frank

First, a note on ellipses. This is how I was taught to use them ... they're three dots, no more, no less. Plus one more for a period if you're ending a sentence with them....

The diction is very odd, but amusing. I think it is the lack of contractions. It makes it all seem very suitable-for-primary-school-ish. It also makes me giggle, thinking "what the hey...?" I remember all of this being terribly funny when I was 11; now that I am 35, it reminds me of a kinder, simpler time, when SuperGran was the best thing on the telly. And the madcap humour would have been great, but I think it all began to get a little too long for me. There is a point where the madcap begins to drag and one begins to wonder if the joker is ever going to grow up.

There's something very AGT about the design. Most of the conventions of modern IF implementation have gone out the window in favour of colour-coded keys and so on. Monsters disguised as literary characters jump out of dark corners and must be placated or otherwise removed with Scottish delicacies, which, when you think about it, really function as single-use weapons. Perhaps it is deliberate; perhaps the game should be taken as a return to that time when AGT was the best thing out there for the IF hobbyist. Do I want to go there? For the prices of gas and food and a haircut, perhaps. For AGT, not so much.

Froot loops. Oh the colour, oh the humanity. Froot loops and salty porridge and maybe a Scotch egg on the side. Apple juice to drink.