Return to Camelot

This seems to be quite solid mid-range fare. Adequate writing, but not spectacular. The initial setup of the down-and-out detective does amuse, but it still seems irrelevant to the overall story. I rather regret that there was not much more to do there before moving on to the main story.

The main story is an adventure in Arthurian legend: we explore the castle of Camelot on a quest to protect the queen from ... some looming danger. One quickly figures out that one might swiftly teleport from location to location using the life-size paintings that hang around the castle. And then....

Well, most of the trouble I had with this game had to do with exits. There was one that was tantalisingly mentioned in the room description as being hidden behind a rack of shields -- well, this is supposedly our hero's second visit to Camelot, so he presumably already knows about a few of the secret passages -- but no amount of effort could get me access to it, or even elicit any suggestion that I might be barking up the wrong tree. Another exit was never mentioned, and indeed there was clearly a puzzle that had to be solved to open it up, and yet I could waltz right through it.

I understand that this is a "return" rather than a "first visit" because it's a sequel to a previous game by the author; but I get very little sense of the protagonist's memory of that prior adventure. His prior experience does not seem to inform him much as he first takes in his surroundings. Nobody seems to recognise him, and if they're not expected to, we're not told why. So in the end, it's really the author revisiting an old setting, rather than the protagonist. I haven't seen the first visit, but I'm guessing that the author may have glossed over some of the wonder on account of having already been there and done that. We are, however, missing the t-shirt. It's a visit with neither the wonder of the first time nor the familiarity of the second.

Grilled cheese, refried beans and milk.