Death of Schlig

This was fun, but I think the implementation was incomplete: an examination of almost everything got the response that it's "not important", even if it was -- for example, the metal box in the cargo hold. The first shot with the laser gun is always the heat ray, regardless of setting. There was also some oddness about multiple line breaks, an issue which I understand has been fixed now.

What was there was amusingly written, at least. Our hero claims to be a private investigator, one so good at his profession that he's managed to detect himself out of a job, and must now work the deli section of the local supermarket to make ends meet. In real life, as I understand it, 90% of a private investigator's work consists of spying on unfaithful spouses, so unless the whole town has been hit by a High Fidelity ray, I rather doubt he could quite put himself out of work that way. There's actually a bit of dissonance between the hero's claims and what we actually see of his abilities, so I wonder if he is in fact merely a deli worker who's read too much pulp fiction. I mean, he doesn't even get his own fedora until he raids the alien's cargo hold....

That is the style of humour one might expect, though. Everyone and everything is just a little bit silly. Well, maybe more than a little bit. In terms of comedy along that vein, I think it is quite successful.

If this were a breakfast, it would be Schlig. No wait, sorry: it would be ... the oddest-looking omelette you ever did see, with bits of turkey and rather more gouda than is strictly good for you. To drink: chocolate milk.