Innocence and pure fun, though I find it a just a tiny bit unrealistic how all the children are positive, happy and amused about everything all the time. Must be something in the fairy bread. I was not able to complete it, however: a bug of some sort crashed my game when I got to the "pirate duel" bit. I think I've only seen one other reviewer mention this, all others having gone on to later portions of the game, so I assume that this was either fixed in an update, or else it is specific only to a few rare computer configurations of which mine is one.

Even so, I am quite impressed with what I've seen. The implementation is quite thorough and complete. "Talk to" is nicely implemented, with the PC choosing whatever topic is foremost on her mind: for instance, if she's recently interacted with a dog in the park, that will be the topic of choice when she later talks to her sister. Thus, the gameplay flows seamlessly.

The game itself, as mentioned, is just about having fun. There does not appear to be anything more sinister here than the Australian heat. Does the game deliver? I think it does.

Very light, fluffy home-made waffles with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles, and a large mug of Milo.