Taco Fiction

Smart and well-written. There's definitely a story going on, though there is also a sense of the gameworld being completely open to all possibilities, like a sandbox. In retrospect, it almost certainly isn't, but I admire the way in which the illusion is achieved.

The gameplay was smooth and almost completely free of hiccups; the only one I found was the lack of indication as to the direction of exit from the roof access back into the garden, although, given the new comp rule of game updates mid-comp, this might have been fixed by now. One other minor point was the ordering of the conversation topics: new topics often appear willy-nilly in the middle of the topic menu, making it occasionally easy to overlook their appearances.

The comedy was well-played. The subversion of the player's expectations when he finally discovers the nature of the "ritual" was amusing. To be perfectly honest, I rather expect that most, if not all, secret societies operate in much the same way, as comfortable "old boys' clubs" rather than as secret enclaves for world domination -- world domination being merely a pleasant side-effect. (Am I right, Roger? Well am I?)

One last note: I was amused by the presence of Officers Bob and Rae, a pair of police officers who don't do anything non-trivial. It made me wonder if the author were trying to make some sly comment on Canadian politics.

Maple-glazed bacon and duck eggs over-easy. Home fries with a touch of cinnamon. French roast coffee.