Ted Paladin and the Case of the Abandoned House

So, the idea here is that you are a text adventurer, and you are investigating this old, abandoned house prior to its demolition; the house and all the world apparently exists in a text medium, so, much as with "Nord & Bert", textual wordplay is the order of the day. This is the sort of thing that isn't really possible in graphical games, I think. As such, we're much more concerned with puzzle than with story....

The initial puzzle, how to get into the house to begin with, is pretty standard IF fare. Once we get inside, however, we're faced with a room that refuses to give you its description. Later, we have a room with cryptic crossword clues -- this one is more of a "set piece", and does not give the impression, as with the first room, of an active intelligence trying to keep you from condemning the house. There's really no reason to solve the puzzle except that it is there. On the other hand, the first room puzzle stands directly in the way of your stated job, and feels more natural.

There is only one more real puzzle after these two, which was a rather unique little thing involving doubled actions in a second room.

That is it for the puzzles, though, which is a pity. I think a whole house full of similar games would be quite a lot more compelling than the present state. I feel as though I'd only just gotten started, and then the game abruptly ended.

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