There's a clever joke in here, because this is the mere vestige of a game. It's incomplete and broken. There are dozens of different things that should never have survived further than the first round of beta-testing ... some of them should not even have survived long enough to see beta-testing. The author clearly has yet to get any sort of handle on the programming language. I would advise her to practice, practice, practice. Play with the thing, do exercises, look at the games that have been written and learn from them. It's clear that the author has a story she wants to tell, but that the scope of her story outstrips her ability to convey it. This is not really a bad thing: at least it gives her something to work towards and practice on. It's easier to learn the language when you have something you want to say than when you have nothing. But please, don't be too impatient to tell it.

The writing is interesting, at least, though not entirely free of typographical errors -- again, a reason to beta-test.

A mushroom omelette, rather runny and undercooked, but heavy on the mushrooms. Herbal tea.