Fish Bowl

The writing and the plotting are not bad at all. As a horror game, I find this sort of thing rather more effective than gore and viscera. Which is not to say that there isn't any of that here: there are, for example, dead animals lying around. But these props are meant less to shock than to alert the player to the sense that there is something Seriously Wrong here. I'm reminded a little of "The Warbler's Nest", with its sense of isolation and of being just on the edge of waking. "Fish Bowl" is somewhat more overt, however: it isn't just a matter of psychology and belief this time around.

One thing I appreciate about the writing is the echoing of various phrases and quotes. They take on different nuances of meaning and significance, given the changing context. As well, I find that this sort of thing creates a sense of constant returning to the beginning; there is something about it that is both inescapable and neatly complete.

However, the implementation is wanting. The experience has not been quite properly smoothed out. That is a shame, because the flavours are well-balanced and the ingredients are good. There's just something a little wrong with the cooking.

Kedgeree, with hard, grainy rice; a little singed. Cold, strong tea.