Guilded Youth

This was very cute. Much has been said elsewhere about the presentation, so I'll just say that I agree as to its charm.

The story involves the exploration of an old house, with help from the members of the protagonist's online roleplaying guild. Even if one has not had the experience of an online roleplaying guild in those halcyon days of BBS gaming, the setup taps into those old "kids' adventure" movies of the 1980s, like "The Goonies". So there is the effect.

In terms of gameplay, I found it a little lacking in interactivity. I would have liked to talk to the other characters more, discover more about them, perhaps find more parallels between the online guild and the real-world adventuring. The game's setup, with its crew of NPC friends, seemed to promise something a little deeper and more involved, yet the plot -- as far as it concerns the protagonist -- is comparatively shallow. There is another plot, of which our hero is only a spectator: this one explodes in the end and takes the house with it ... but our protagonist has little agency or stake in it.

Still, it's been put together very well. As I understand it, it also functions as something of a demonstration of the capabilities of Vorple, which certainly looks very pretty. I still want more meat.

French toast. Icing sugar, no syrup. One green apple. Hot chocolate.