howling dogs

I hesitate to call this a game, though there is some element of meaningful choice towards the end -- up until then, what choices you make do not seem to matter beyond a single screen detour off the main storyline.

What it is, however, is a series of poetically written vignettes; the final one being, perhaps, a parallel for the main character's real-world situation. One wonders what it means ... does it in fact have any meaning?

I have recently been thinking that perhaps intentional meaning is less necessary than a striving for beauty. Things are recognised as beautiful because they touch on some aspect of the divine truth, I think, and so a work that strives to be beautiful will reflect some aspect of that inner truth, moreso than a work whose sole purpose is to expound on the author's conscious perception of truth. Put it another way, the subconscious understands the world better than the conscious, and striving for beauty taps into that subconscious understanding.

At the same time, it is necessary to start from some grain of Meaning or Intent, or else the work is left floating, ungrounded and aimless, focussing on nothing.

This work was sufficiently beautiful to inspire some sense of wonder. Its Meaning seems elusive, perhaps a little too much so. If one is affected by it, perhaps one should not be asking "what does it mean" but "what does it say about me, that I am so affected".

All the same, there is only so much wonderment one can take at a time, and I am glad that this is the only one of its kind in this batch of comp games. It is a little too rarefied for me.

A very fine crepe with rose-hip jam, and blueberries garnished with mint leaves. Sweet, velvety cocoa made with soy milk.