The Island

For some inexplicable reason, I imagine that this takes place in Greece. I'm not sure why, but it could have something to do with "The White Bull", from the Spring Thing earlier this year: that was also set on an island. The difference, however, is that "The White Bull" had considerably more story.

"The Island" is a pretty linear series of puzzles. There's not a lot of room for wandering off the prescribed path, nor is there any information given as to why you're here in the first place. I suppose the map itself is indicative of the sort of game this is: it's a long north-south thing, with the starting room at the southern extremity and the final location at -- or, at least, just a little off from -- the northern extremity. Very few, if any, non-essential objects are implemented: for instance, the wall that blocks your way to the docks is unimplemented -- because its removal involves a puzzle that doesn't ever refer directly to it.

And then there's the guy you have to kill for no reason other than that it's the only available option.

It's all kind of bland and sociopathic, with bare-bones implementation. And then comes the ending, which ties everything together in a Twilight Zone twist. I wonder if some kind of meta comment is being made here, something about the inescapable cycle of fate. But honestly, I don't think a good ending can really make up for the bulk of the game itself. What the game needs is a beginning to match the ending, and some fleshing out of the middle.

Hash browns, somewhat undercooked. Weak tea with neither sugar nor milk.