This was a non-event. The entire play consists of doing what the bolded text tells you to do when it appears -- there are three different actions -- and waiting on the sidelines in between those instances.

It could be still be considered a mood piece, I suppose. There is quite a bit of scope for things to poke at while waiting to be called up, but these things never appear to go anywhere. To the game's credit, I suppose there is something of a feat of coding involved: the football game within the game is randomised, but it also seems to be playing out for real in the background. But it doesn't exactly give me, the player, much to do.

The randomised nature of the game within the game also means that nothing I do particularly matters. Add to that the general attitude of everyone else in the story -- with the exception of the punter who appears to be in an even sadder position than yourself, everyone seems to treat you with contempt -- and this approaches the sort of trollishness of 2003's "Fat Lardo and the Rubber Ducky", albeit with a little more subtlety and interactivity.

Half a loaf of Wonderbread, and some kind of isotonic drink.