The Lift

Was that all? This seemed more like a demo than anything else. There were three choices to make, and then the game ended in either success or failure depending on those choices. The entire game is a single puzzle: which combination of choices will get you to the end? Of course, you could say that even the most highly-respected game in the history of Interactive Fiction could be described in those terms, but I must point out that in this case I am talking about choices on a much smaller scale -- on the level of the command prompt asking for your first action, rather than on the level of the story asking you which way to go.

The problem with the choices is that there is no reason to choose one way over another, not without hindsight. One might think of the game as more "simulation" than "puzzle", but there is too little meat for that. As it is, it's ... really not much of anything at all.

A small glass of V8. Nothing else.